An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Shna Swara
Age: 28
District: Søndre Nordstrand
Nationality: I am a Kurd and Norwegian citizen, country background from a country with no national status.
I live with my parents and three siblings.

I am a student at the theological faculty.

I belong to the Kurds, the Kurdish freedom fighters (PKK), Norwegians, students, Human rights activists, women’s rights activist, the ones that believe in justice and those who are willing to risk something for their cause but I do not belong to the Iranians, the feminists, the warriors, the powerful people, the egoists or the cowards.

I live in Oslo because of my studies, and then my family moved after. I will probably live here in ten years, in this district or a similar district. If I were to compose a soundtrack illustrating Oslo, the quietness of the city would be an important element.

I think it is true that “the strongest man is the one standing most alone”, because it is only the strongest of us who think different. And that makes him stand on his own. His thoughts are different; his meanings are different from everyone else. Few will agree with him. That makes him alone. I often try to talk about women’s rights and gender issues, even though all my friends are against it. Or they are not against it, but they see it as an ideal, not something realistic that they can practice.

I have experienced changing opinions many times in life. When all my friends started marrying I felt that this was something I should do as well. But as I worked with the political branch of PKK in Brussels, and got educated, I realized that there are many ways to be a woman.

For this performance I walk for a couple of minutes to the bus, then I go on to Mortensrud, and from there I take the tube down to the city and the Nationaltheatre.