An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Dilek Ayan
Age: 33
District: St. Hanshaugen
Nationality: Norwegian with Turkish parents
I live on my own, but I am a social spirit and am hardly ever at home alone. 

I am en educated engineer and manager of Alarga. We help companies and organizations with attracting, keeping and developing talent with international experience and mindset.

I belong to the travellers, the adventourous, the ones who enjoy getting to know new people and explore new cultures, the verbal, the ones with a passionate approach to life, the ones not taking things for granted, the fearless, the playful, the intense, the ones who thrive both in chaos and in the calm, the idealists, the doers, the forgiving, the ones who trust their intuition, the efficient, the solution-oriented, the ones who thrive among the creative, the committed and the ones who love cheese, wine and warm summernights but I do not belong to the ones who sit infront of the tv for hours, the rigid, the careful, the ones content with status quo, the ones occupied with the trivial, the ones who stress, the ones who cannot appreciate things or the ones who resist the «new».

I am a proud citizen of Oslo and I increasingly fall in love with the city the more I get to know it. I feel at home here, but at the same time I am restless and want to explore what the world has got to offer, all the nuances and the different tastes.

For me the strongest man in the world is not the one standing  the most alone. The one who dares to stand alone is strong when he is capable of making others see the value of what he stands he for, and what he wants to create and change. «Stay hungry. Stay foolish» Steve Jobs said during a speech he held at Stanford University in 2005. This is a good advice!

A turningpoint for me was when my father went into coma after an operation. I realized how precious life is, and how easy it is to take for granted the time given with the ones you love and life in general. My father recovered, but shortly after I lost a close friend in a car accident. Those two events became a turrningpoint for me. Today I live much closer to life and the people I surround myself with, and I want the life I live to be meaningful.

For the performances I am walking through the Castle Park, and further down to the Nationaltheatre.