An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Bjørn Johan Farestveit
Age: 59 år
District: Frogner
Nationality: Norwegian
I live together with my wife Grete and my two sons Joakim and Phillip and our two dogs Ronja and Sasha.

I am an investor.

I belong to the four-children fathers, the stock traders, the ones who were very lucky during the “dotcom adventure”, the ones focused on solutions, the ones who see that coincidences rule us, the ones who enjoy walking-trips, the ones looking forward to using the city again,  the ones who want to play more golf, the ones who act on instinct and experience, the open ones and the determined ones, but I do not belong to the sport fanatics, the football-interested or the ones concerned with the division between east and west.

I am born here in Oslo, but coincidences also have brought us to living outside Oslo. I am not very preoccupied with this division between east and west, I just don’t relate to it and I could have lived both east and west. For us now it is important to be close both to the city and to the forest – we have been neglecting the city a bit and we are looking forward to start using the restaurants, and theatre and cinema –  to attend different kinds of events. Oslo is a good city for investments. The soundtrack of Oslo for me would be the river Akerselva.

I don’t have a particular relationship to An Enemy of the People but I read it through the other day.  I still see it as relevant – this need to hide and cover up things. To be able to say that “the strongest man in the world  is the one standing the most alone” means that you have to feel that you have succeeded – or else it means that you have lost everything.

I was sitting at Theatercafeen with two colleagues and a profiled shipping-owner – he picked up his phone and made a call to his pilot, and then he asked us “who wants to go to Marbella with me this evening?” I was thinking about my wife and family and decided I needed to get back to them. Still today I sometimes think that this could have been a turning point in my life had I answered differently

I would take the tube from Makrellbekken to Nationaltheatret.