An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Hallgeir Øvstetun
Age: 56
District: Vestre Aker
Nationality: Norwegian
I live together with my partner Siv in a terrace-house with a balcony and a view over the whole of Oslo.

I am a baker and I am employed at Statoil where I work on the SNORRE A platform – this is the world’s largest fleeting oil-platform. I am also a safety representative here.

I belong to the ones who have a drivers licence for many different types of vehicles, the MC-people, the adaptable, the morning coffee drinkers and the shift-workers, but I do not belong to the nazis or the racists.

My reason for living in Oslo is Siv. I mostly frequent the area of Frogner and Aker Brygge. For me Oslo is a transitional place, I will not live here in twenty years time.  By then I have moved to my recreational house in Sweden. The best thing about Oslo is to get out of Oslo. Bridges and roads are constantly torn down – and new things are being built. You never get a chance to be familiar with a route before you have to learn to drive another one. The question is how Oslo will look in twenty years time – the roads they build here are too narrow. They should look to how they build roads in Denver, Colorado. 

You are stronger together than on your own.

A turningpoint in my life was when I decided to turn from being a baker working in the north-west of Norway, to working as a baker offshore.  When I worked on land I never had days off work, but the work as a baker offshore has given me a life of financial freedom – I am able to build a secure and comfortable life.

For the performances I would travel by bus from Holmenkollen.