An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Leif Frimann Koren
Age: 41
District: Grünerlløkka
Nationality: Norwegian
I live in a one bedroom apartment with a communally protected fruit garden. Half the time I share the flat with my daughters Liv Amanda and Amalie.

I am a musician, social worker, sound technician and taxi driver.

I belong to the music lovers, the fathers, the workers, the economical economists, the optimists, the ones who like to keep updated, the ones who are pissed off on politicians and journalists, the ones who take off, the guitarists, the ones who get annoyed with people who say they work so hard, the ones who work hard with everything apart from what they should be working hard with and the loyal ones, but I do not belong to the square people.

I live in Oslo because I love city life. There is a lot more people around, one gets an insight into life and actions and ways of doing things. I moved to Oslo because I love music. I want to keep living in Oslo, just right here where I am living now.  

Regarding the quote the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone I have only this to say: Yes. Oh my God. Herd animals.

For me a turning point was when I became a father. To have children and to experience the development from 0 – 5 years; to see life unfold in this way, to see that you are so much your own person as an individual – I didn’t see this before. It has made it easier to get an understanding for other people.

For the performance I will walk down Maridalsveien – if I have the cash I would take a taxi. I prefer the taxi or the tram to the bus.