An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Nadine Lehmann Irgens
Age: 20
District: Grünerløkka
Nationality: Norwegian with a French mother.
I live with my mother at Grünerløkka, where she always have lived.

I am a mathematics-student, and I work at the Open Bakery. 

I belong to the students, the soon-to-be mathematicians and the talkers but I do not belong to the career-climbers.

Mum and dad met in Oslo, and I grew up at Grünerløkka. After high school I applied to the university in Trondheim, but when I got in, I declined. Something happened when I finished high school, everyone just moved away. So I haven’t just been stuck in the same environment all the time. Here in Oslo, I can also escape my student life. In Oslo we have more options, more to do. I can’t guarantee that I’ll still be here in ten or twenty years. But I think I probably will have Oslo as a base. I mean; it is my city, I have lived at Grünerløkka all my life. But I have always thought that if I ever get filthy rich I’ll move to Paris. Which I think is a better city to live, if you are really well of, then you can use the city for all its worth. In that regard, Oslo isn’t bad at all: You can live a decent life here without earning four millions a year.

I think it is pretty true that “the strongest man alive is the one standing the most alone.” One thing is to be lonely. But you’ll have to accept that you are walking in headwind and accept that people disagree with you. I can relate to that on many levels. I think it is an advantage to be able to stand for what you mean. I mean, it is good to be openminded, but not so openminded that your brain falls out.

I often think that I need to turn away from one thing, to something else. At least I often think I want to start a brand new and better life.

Going to the National I will probably walk. It was such a revelation when I understood how this city really is patched together. I found all my shortcuts, and understood how small a city really is. I would probably go down to Kuba, through the graveyard, over St Olavs plass, down Universitetsgata, and then I am there!