An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Eline Gauslaa
Age: 17
District: Frogner
Nationality: Norwegian
I live half time with my mum Kirsten, my sister Nora and my dog Tindra, and half time with my father Per and Nina, his new wife.

I am a schoolgirl and I also work in a Rimi groceries store as a shelf-organizer. I am not old enough to sit in the register.

I belong to the Fagerborg students, the ones jogging in the forests, the ones appreciating life, the shopaholics and the ones drinking caffe latte but I do not belong to the emo-people, the punks, the sad or the scary.

I guess I live here because I was born and raised here. My mum is from Oslo and my father has lived here since graduating from senior high. I really do love Oslo, so I think I am living here in ten or twenty years time. I know this city so well, so when I am other places there is always something Oslo can offer me that is missing.

I have heard about An Enemy of the People, and my father tried to explain it a little bit to me. I will absolutely read it now. I believe “the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone” is a pretty good saying really. It isn’t always so that the powerful and the decision makers are the most right. But I think it is better to tell the truth than telling a lie.

After my parents got divorced I turned from thinking that love can last forever between two people, to realizing that it will not always work out between two people even though they care for eachother.

I am taking the tube if I don't have time to go by bike. To be honest I don’t suppose I have the time do go by bike, so then I would go down to Majorstua and take the first centrebound tube one stop, and get off at the Nationaltheatre.