An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Helene Pederstad
Age: 22
District: Nordstrand
Nationality: Norwegian
I live in an old flat in central Oslo, with my friends Kristine and Kristina, two other girls from my parish.

I am a student.

I belong to the Filadelfia-parish, Jesus’ diciples, the ones that talk to God, the ones that live in freedom, the dancers and the bloggers, but I do not belong to the bloggers who write what they think the world expects them to write.

I live in Oslo because I was born here. My father is from Oppegård, and my mother moved here at nineteen from Tromsø. She met my father and when I was born my family moved from Holmlia to Nordstrand where I have lived until I moved this summer. I am sure I could not have lived anywhere else in Norway, but I am also sure I want to travel more. In ten years time I am most likely living in Oslo.

I have read about An Enemy of the People, and I have also written an exam about the play. “The strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone”: This immediately made me think of Anders Behring Breivik , because he is standing alone. But he is not very strong, I think, so I disagree.

I have turned away from living in a way that was hurtful to me and gave me lo self-esteem, to living with God and his forgiveness. This happened during the course of a bible school I attended at 19.

To get to the theatre I am just biking down Bogstadveien and through Slottsparken, or I am using the tram. Really I could have walked, it‘s so close.