An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Michelina Kifle
Age: 14
District: Søndre Nordstrand
Nationality: Norwegian/ Eritrean
I live in a four bedroom apartment with my mother Abeba, my father Berhanu and my two sisters Milen and Salem.

I am a pupil at St. Sunniva and I am a Belieber.

I belong to the Beliebers, the ones who listen to hip hop but don’t dress like a hip hop’er, the ones who laugh a lot, the ones who enjoy gym and English, the catholics, the dancers, the ones who eat at McDonald’s and the little sisters but I do not belong to the snobby ones, people who put hate marks on others, the early morning birds or the smokers.

I live in Oslo because my mother and father decided to live here, so I was born here. I live here because it feels safe. The soundtrack of Oslo is raindrops. I want to take an International Baccalaureate after middle-school so that I can go abroad. I do not think I will live here in 10-20 years – by that time I am living and studying in the States. There are so many opportunities there to reach your goals – that’s sort of obvious – America is so big. I have seen pictures of New York – the skyscrapers and shopping and Times Square. In Oslo there is only bowling, cinema and Oslo City shopping-centre. Norway is one of the best countries and probably the safest place on earth. But let us say that I would like to become a rapper – then it is very difficult to achieve world success when living in Oslo. I would like to become a world-famous rapper or actress. Then I can make money. I want people to know who I am.

I know what it is like to be on your own and feeling strong about it:  I am the only one in my class who likes Justin Bieber – the others really don’t like him at all. I love his music and his voice, the way he is. He seems really down-to-earth. He is no diva, and he really cares about his fans.  Everyone tries to annoy me with this, but I don’t care - I just say that this is the way I feel about it. I always defend him. I have been a fan of his for 3-4 years and to stop supporting him…? I am a Belieber and this means that I defend and support him. The Beliebers are a big family that cares for each other.

For me it was a turningpoint when I changed my style: Before I used to be a hiphop dancer and I was very much a hiphop girl, but then I found out I couldn’t be a hiphop‘er anymore. It just wasn’t me. It’s a really rundown and shabby style – my mood turned shabby because of my style. I was more of a tomboy with tracksuit-bottoms, with skinny jeans I feel more feminine.

For the performance I am taking the tube from Mortensrud to the Nationaltheatre.