An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Gabriela Pizarro
Age: 15
District: Alna
Nationality: Norsk
I live together with my mother Cecilia and my father Patricio and my little brother Daniel.

I am a pupil at the catholic school St. Sunniva, and I would like to become a doctor.

I belong to the ones who like to sing, the ones who appreciate few but good friends, the neat and orderly ones, the Rihanna fans, the ones who like to play and watch football, the ones who like boys and the ones who like to have fun but I do not belong to the people who drink or chew tobacco or the ones who think school is boring.

I live in Oslo because I am born here, and I think it is a cool city. Many people want to live here, so I feel quite lucky. I have friends and family here. I have everything I need, I don’t miss anything. Maybe I could consider living in America though.

Perhaps I think it is right that "the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone". Because I often feel that the strongest is the one who wins. He is the smartest because he stands on his own – I sometimes feel that when I stand on my own I can feel that I am right.

I have turned from trusting everyone till only trusting a few, because people I trusted before have revealed my secrets to others.

For the performance I am taking the tube from Furuset to the Nationaltheatret.