An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Abdi «A3» Mahamud
Age: 21
District: Grorud
Nationality: Somali
I live in a one-room in a block of flats. In a way it is nice to live on my own because it gives me freedom.

I work nights at the kiosk «Kjell» in Grorud, but I would like to get more shifts. I would like to work with people – in a clothing-store or in a cinema centre for example. My dream is to become a computer engineer.

I belong to the ones who like activity, the ones who use Playstation, the ones liking pizza, the ones watching football, the ones who enjoy cinema and film, the social ones, the ones who wake up early and the ones who like to dress with style but I do not belong to the ones who interfere in others problems, the inpatient ones, the ones who fight or the political ones.

It is difficult to give an answer as to why I live in Oslo, but I will try. The first reason for me coming is freedom and to get an education. I do not want to remember the life I came from. The first time I came to Norway, and I landed on Gardermoen, I only saw a lot of trees. The first thing I thought when I arrived in Oslo was that I had arrived in Yemen.

I haven’t heard about An Enemy of the People, but I have heard about Henrik Ibsen. He stands on a statue outside the theatre. A lot of Somalians are poets. Regarding the quote “the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone”, my first thought is that we talk like this in Somalia too – in circles and riddles. If it is a task you can manage, then you can stand on your own, but sometimes a task is so difficult that you need to be more people. I have never been in a situation where I had to stand on my own, but if I was standing on my own, and knew that I was right, then I would have resisted. Ibsen used his time to write about something important for the world – it is up to you to accept.

A dilemma for me is that I don’t a have a Norwegian passport so I cannot choose the big things, but I can choose the small things in my life. I had to stop school because I had misunderstood and came one day late. Because of this I have lost a bit of motivation.

For the performance I am taking the tube from Grorud to the Nationaltheatret.