An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Kjersti Tonna
Age: 71
District: Sagene
Nationality: Norwegian
I live alone in an apartment by Alexander Kiellandsplass.

I´m retired, but work part-time as a counsellor. I used to work in a bookstore.

I belong to the holistics, the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, the Environmental party, the Oslo song-club, the organisation Future in our hands, the existentialists, the ones against nuclear weapons, but I do not belong to the climate scepticians, the tv-viewers or the conservative religious.

I live here in Oslo like I always have. I am born and raised on the westside of Oslo, right across Ullevål Stadion. As a young person I never frequented the eastern parts of the city. When I was forty years old a friend of mine, who comes from Drammen outside Oslo, took me on a city sightseeing. This was the first time I visited a place like Grünerløkka. 

I’ve read An Enemy of the People- I don´t range it as one of Ibsen´s best plays, it´s too black and white, but the themes it brings up, interest me. I remember well the line  "the strongest man is he who stands alone", but I don´t agree with it. Human beings are social animals.

I used to have a strong, personal belief in God, but then I got together with an atheist who introduced me to a book called "Nihilsm?". It changed my view of life, and my belief fell apart. Without God, life was hard and lonely.

I go to the theatre with the 54-bus.