An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name Aimane Zamour
Age: 28
District: Stovner
Nationality: Norwegian with Moroccan background
I currently live at Grünerløkka with my brother, but I will represent Stovner.

I studied graphic press, but have worked ten years with children and youth work at Stovner. Besides that I am an autodidact magician and do shows at parties and lectures and so forth.

I belong to the magicians, the passionate, those interested in people, the creative ones, those with a temper, those who like to dance and the car interested but I do not belong to the posh people, the power people, the cynics.

I came from Tangier to Oslo when I was twelve. I love Oslo, especially in summer. I want to represent my old turf Stovner - this is where I grew up and I am proud of it. There is an extensive herd mentality in the city that I don´t like. People ask me why I don´t just move from here, but I´m not going to. Only losers do.

I read analyzes of An Enemy of the People on the Internet. I identify with Tomas Stockmann because I have always stood up and spoke out. I ´m not willing to compromise my own values. I feel that the statement "the strongest man is he who stands alone" hits a nerve. I like to stand alone. I’ve always been like that, always worked for the weak.

It has been a turningpoint for me to find out how to relate to both cultures I am a part of: I have chosen to keep the focus on the loyalty towards the family but in turning towards the Norwegian culture I experience more freedom and space in coming forard with my own opinions.

I am taking the tube from Stovner to the Nationaltheatre for these performances.