An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Marianne Sunde
Age: 54
District: Nordstrand
Nationality: Norwegian
I live in a semidetached house with my husband Knut and daughter Aurora.

I am a journalist, but right now an activist and a debater as the leader of “Folkeaksjonen for bevaring av Ekebergskogen” – "The people’s action against building Oslo’s last city-centre forests into a sculpture park".

I belong to the activists, the ones that take care of the environment, the ones that love the forest and the bush, the trekkers, the ones concerned with human rights, women’s rights and children’s rights but I do not belong to the ones who are only concerned about their own, the egoists, the ones that want to earn as much money as possible, the ones who have only the goal to enrich themselves.

I live in Oslo because I grew up furthest up a fjord, furthest up the valley, closest to the mountain and the glacier, and at the end of the world. The nature there is very beautiful, but the place is too remote, so it was impossible for me to stay there. I chose Oslo because it is the centre of Norway. It is where we receive the world in Norway. I will live here for the years to come, if I don’t live my retirement in Italy.

I have a very strong relationship with An Enemy of the People. I saw it at the Nationaltheatre last time in 2008. As I have always been involved in causes, I have naturally felt very connected to the play. I feel that the quote “the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone” is spot on. The same goes for the saying “the majority is never right”- The ones who want to build the Ekeberg-park, say that the people want it. On the one hand the people are misinformed, the politicians and the property investor lie to the journalists. The journalists repeat the lies without asking any questions. On the other hand the people don’t want to know the truth. Thinking of our media and ordinary people I think of the statues of the three monkeys with their eyes, ears and mouth covered. Like this couple I met in the Ekeberg woods. They did not care when I told them about the methods that have been used to have a political decision in favour of the sculpture park. They were not bothered when I told them about the lack of democracy and the lies. They were just happy with the park all the same. And when I told them about the corruption, they did not care about that either! Where are the journalists who reveal the abuse of authority and the abuse of power? Some people have warned me about what strong forces I am standing against. But the other day I got this feeling, the feeling that I am so strong. So strong that I can do anything.

I have turned from thinking that we have democracy in Oslo, to understanding that we don’t have anything as such.

For the performance I am taking a taxi.