An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Kent Anderson
Age: 50
District: Østensjø
Nationality: Norwegian
I live together with my son, my girlfriend and our little baby.

I am a copywriter at Schjerven reklamebyrå.

I belong to the music lovers, the liberals, the scooter drivers, the idea makers, the fathers, the atheists, the bloggers, the politically engaged, the scientists, the urban people, the pilots, the readers, the model aeroplane builders, the television watchers, the meat lovers, the bicycle people and the theatre lovers that never go to theatre but I do not belong to the socialists, the religious, those who believe in alternative medicine, the suit-wearers, the forest walkers, the golfers, the travellers, the cooks, the vegetarians or the classical music lovers.

I moved to Oslo in 84. A friend had a big flat and I asked if he needed a room-mate, and so I moved in. Since then, I have lived many places in the city. There is something about this city. It gets under your skin.  I´ll never move out of Oslo because it is a wonderful city.

I think An Enemy of the People is an important play, it´s one of my favourites. "The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone" might be right.  For Tomas Stockmann it’s about moral integrity. Solitude is good, if it´s something you choose.

I was 19 years old, and felt immortal, working in a factory, on a big machine, making paper plates. In order to check the temperature I climbed up on the machine, but as I stood on top of it, a huge mechanical arm came up behind my head, moving closer to it. To avoid it I had to jump down from the machine. I found myself lying on the floor crying like a baby, realizing that if I hadn’t jumped I would have been dead by now. That experience changed me. I wasn't immortal any longer.

For the performance I am arriving on my scooter.