An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Malgorzata Niespodzianska
Age: 25
District: Ullern
Nationality: Polish
I live in a 3-room flat with my husband Dominik and my daughter Nadia and my friend Maciek.

I have 5 years of pedagocical/counsellor training for children and young people at the High school of Humanity and Economics in Konin. I am currently at home with my daughter Nadia.

I belong to the ones with a surname that means surprise, the mothers, the ones that follow the husband to another country, the ones that make coffee every morning, the ones who like to sleep in the morning, the ones who don’t like to be around strangers, the ones who miss their homeland, the wives that have to watch soccer on TV but doesn’t like it and the ones who believe in summer but I do not belong to the lazy-people, the smokers, the angry ones or the people who like food made of animal blood.

I live in Oslo because of my husband. The first time we came to Oslo we came on a bus. It took 24 hours. My husband came to Oslo to look for a better life and more possibilities for earning money. My husband told me that if I don’t come it would be the end of our relationship. I feel that I have sacrificed a lot, I quit my factory-job and left my family and friends. I would like to go back to Konin, but my husband doesn’t want to, because he is afraid that he can’t take care of the family if we go back. And I sort of agree with him. The atmosphere here is nice. The nature and the view. I am probably here in 10 years time.

I have never heard about Ibsen or An Enemy of the People.I feel strong when I am with a group, so the quote "the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone" is not a valid one for me.

The biggest turning-point in my life was when I left my homeland Poland for Norway; had I not gone it would have been the end of my relationship.

For the performances Dominik, my husband, is driving my daughter Nadia and me.