An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: David Theodor Leffler Munkejord

Age: 9

District: Frogner

Nationality: Swedish
I live with my mother Carin, my father Morten and my little brother Gustav onboard our boat

I am a pupil at Ruseløkka skole, and in addition I am a skater.

I belong to the skaters, the sailors, the board-padlers, the gourmets, the ones who wished for a nice dinner for their birthday, the ones who have grown up on a boat, the gamers and the ones who like to be quiet in school  but I do not belong to the landcrabs, the playmobile-players or the tv-slaves.

I live in Oslo because I am born here. I live onboard a boat called Ruach; the name bears the connotation of wind and is picked from the first of the Pentateuch. I steer myself to school with our boat. I will always live in Oslo, and I will never want to live in a house neither in summer nor in winter. It is great to live on a boat, and I enjoy that there is not so much space. Hovedøya is a beautiful place to be anchored by.

A turningpoint for me was when I was given a real skateboard:  I started skating for real, before that  I only did very gentle slopes.

For the performance I travel with our dinghy Theo – it has 9,9 horsepowers, We drive to Aker Brygge and then I take my skateboard up to the theatre.