An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Maiken Skram
Age: 24
District: Bjerke
Nationality: Norwegian
I live where I grew up, in a terraced house with my mum, dad and my little sister who is 19 years old. And our dog.

I just finished my degree as a marketing manager, currently I am looking to find jobs and I work as a tempt at a school.

I belong to the job-seekers, the ones that love to write, the ones that believe in the science of medicine, the electric car drivers and the animal lovers, but I do not belong to the ones that believe in healing or the bullies.

I live here because I grew up here and almost everyone I know grew up here. I like it here too. I think I am going to live in Oslo in ten or twenty years in time, but not in this neighbourhood. It is getting pretty shitty here now. With all the burglaries and rapes. It was very nice here before because nothing like this happened here. So this city needs to clean up this area and make this district nice again. Every year the three last years I have had to buy new snowboards, as they have all been stolen. My bike was also stolen, we had our nice, old sleds stolen one winter. They broke in to the garage. And our car has been stolen three or four times. I have an electric car, and some of the special equipment has been stolen: the charger and the cd-player. You can't leave your belongings in the garden anymore. It's not even safe locked up in a garage.

I remember vaguely An Enemy of the People, but when I googled it I remembered that I have read it and seen the film. I think you have to be strong to stand against others. Many people hide behind others and don't want to put them self in the line of fire. In many ways I recently represented the compact majority, because everyone wanted my boyfriend Chris to get medical attention when he was sick, but he was sceptical. In many ways he decided to put himself in the line of what he believed in. We don't talk so much about it, but just last week he said that he appreciated what I did for him. 

I have turned away from believing that reality doesn't affect me. I learned that you cannot control life. It is too unpredictable. And there's so little you can do yourself. 

Fo the performance I would go by my el-car. As I only know one way to the city-centre this is the route I will drive: past Sinsen church, towards Carl Berner, over Aleksander Kiellands plass to Youngstorvet. Here I would park in a free el-car parking space that are more or less everywhere.