An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Ernst Inge Dahl Espeland
Age: 37
Area: Sagene
Nationality: Norwegian

Soon I move into a brand new big flat at Storo/Sandaker.

I am a graduated jurist, and recently transferred from Dept. of Agriculture to Dept. of Environmental Issues. Here I work as an advisor. 

I belong to the political party neutrals, the society engaged, the active, the ones who work out, the encouraging, the social, bureaucrats, farmer sons, western part of Norway people, resource managers, compromise believers, pragmatic, countryside romantics, but I do not belong to the right wing radicals, left wing radicals, the ones who only work out alone, fundamentalists, the ones who want to solve need of new houses by moving the protection of the forest border.

I live in Oslo because of my job, and because Oslo has got so many good qualities,and thus making it a nice place to be. There are the forest in the northern end, and the fjord, the cultural scene and the diversity of inhabitants. I will stay here.

I've neither read nor seen any theatre performance of An Enemy of the People, but I saw the recent movie. It sucked.To say that "the strongest man in the world is he who stands mostly alone", I feel is true. It takes a lot of strength to stand alone and to stay up, if you have many opponents.

I guess you can say I have turned from one side to another when it comes to work: I worked three years in the Dept. of Agriculture to promote Norwegian agriculture in a sustainable way. Here the Dept. of Environment was counterpart in many cases, and this department is now my new workplace. Here I was offered a position with more responsibility and a better income - so much for idealism. I believe though, that we can find better long-term means and ways to act, if environmental politics are sorted out together with, or by people with background from other scientific fields.

For the performances at the theatre, I take the 13-tram from Grefsenveien to Nationaltheatret.