An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Niclas Johansson

Age: 24

District: Frogner

Nationality: Swedish
I live together with four others swedish in a nice big apartment in Frogner.

I run my own company which for the most part is based on property rental. I am also politically active in the Progress Party and I have an assignment with the youth party.

I belong to the leader-types, the Swedish, the Progress Party-members, the liberals, the innovative, the ones who see the possibilities, the ones who own dogs but doesnt actually like dogs, the ones who always say what they mean, the bosses and the ones who work a lot but I do not belong to the leftist, the irresponsible, the ones being lead by others, the ones who give up or the ones who wear tracksuit-bottoms.

I have lived in Oslo nearly four years, I first left for Stavanger because I wanted to check out the possibilties for working in the oil-business. But after a while I decided to move to Oslo because it seemed like a cooler city. I like it here – its a nice city and of a comfortable size. I sometimes miss Sweden though – in many ways we are more forward, a saying goes like this: «when driving into Norway you have to turn back the clock ten years». A lot of the political themes being discussed here we did discuss ten years ago. In regards to privatization matters for example. There is a bigger selection of everything in Sweden. But the possibilities are bigger here in Oslo, and in ten-fifteen years Norway has probably reached the same level as Sweden. I want to be a part of creating that development.  Here are a few things that could make Oslo better: Allow for more property development, clean up the city so that it feels like a more safe and secure city, stop the begging and the drug-abuse problems here, and remove some of the bureaucracy and restrictions.

I have heard about Ibsen, after all it is the only great playwright Norway ever has had. But I don't know anything about An Enemy of the People. Although I can see myself in the saying «the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone». I know that it is like this – the ones who lead others often end standing on their own. I think that the best quality in a leader is exactly this: to have the courage to stand alone.

A turningpoint for me was when I decided to move from Stockholm – I spent half a year making up my mind but I decided to follow the motto:  «Always follow the smell of money». And then I moved to Oslo.

For the performance I will either choose to walk from my apartment on Frogner, or eventually I will take my car.