An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Carl Oddvar Solberg
Age: 73
District: Alna
Nationality: Norwegian
I live with my wife Kathrine in a house, and next door my daughter lives with her family.

I am a civil engineer and former division leader at division Energy-Supply at Siemens A/S. 

I belong to the ones who like telling stories, the 6-children fathers, the ones who like to communicate, the calm ones, the analytical ones, the strategic ones, the ones that are good at persuading, the ones who were picked last for the football games at school and the ones making their own jam but I do not belong to the confronting ones, the small talkers, the unorderly or the ones who like to ball-sports.

After 10 years in Trondheim we moved to Oslo because I was asked to take a job here. I first found a smaller flat, and then I wandered around in the area looking for houses with big gardens and apple trees. I then knocked on peoples doors asking to buy a part of their land, and in the end I found somewhere to build my house. After many years I moved together with my family to Larkollen outside Oslo, but it got to tiring to commute back and forth so we moved back into the city again. I guess you can say I live in Oslo for practical reasons.

I read An Enemy of the People a long time ago in highschool - I more like to smooth over a bit here and there, rather than thinking that "the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone".

I recently had an experience that made me change: I went to my grandson’s confirmation which was held in a humanist tradition. And the speech he held was so inspiring that I immediately left the State Church.

For the performance at the theatre, I will take the subway from Haugerud.