An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Harald Ellingsen
Age: 48
District: St. Hanshaugen
Nationality: Norwegian
I share a flat at Bislett with my friend and colleague.

I work as a musician, writer and concert organizer. 

I belong to the blitzers, the punkers, the radicals, the anarchists, the musicians, the writers, the contemporary art interested, those by necessity political engaged and the proletarian, but I do not belong to the extremist people and the Nazis.

Oslo is my hometown, I feel at home here. Social places as Taxi take away, Barrikaden and Blitz are important to me. During the years I’ve been arrested about a thousand times by the Oslo police, always with excessive force being used. I have been indicted with a wide range of crimes and felonies e.g. arson, armed robbery, carrying illegal weapon, kidnapping, assault, burglaries, grand theft auto, property damage, hooliganism, threats etc. All cases were dropped and dismissed, yet I have received five sentences for resisting arrest.In the latest case, the fact that I was angry with the cop that broke my arm for no reason, was considered proof of my criminal intent. For me Oslo has different soundtracks for different times: in the 80´ties it was "Hvis jeg var deg" by Jokke og Valentinerne, in the 90´ties it might have been " Alt er alt" by Stengte dører & "Fritt liv" by Raga Rockers, while for 2000 it must be "Late som ingenting" by my own band Bøyen Beng.

On the question whether I know An Enemy of the People I would say of course yes – I have seen Jaws. Regarding "The strongest man is he who stands alone", I see this as a statement from a monomaniac neurotic. It´s an attempt to comfort oneself in a difficult situation. I don´t identify with it. I´m more like: “Screw you, guys, I´m going home!”

My big turningpoint was when I became a father. I quitted most of what I was doing, and moved to Brønnøysund to be together with my son. When that didn’t work out, I moved to Trondheim for a while.

I am walking to the theatre since I live nearby.


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