An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name:Tom Erik Pettersen
Age: 68

Nationality: Norwegian
I live in a house in Stovner together with my wife, Mette. We have lived here more than forty years.

I am a retired men’s hairdresser. 

I belong to the hairdressers, forest walkers, skiers, alpine coaches, tourist union people, hobby carpenters, woodcutters, agriculture romantics, home caring, tradition keepers and the active bicycle riders, but I do not belong to the theatergoers, the politically engaged, the sofa sitters, the individualists, the egoists or the climate activists.

I live in Oslo because I was born here. I grew up on the land where I still live today. Oslo provides me with what I enjoy: like working in sport organisations, having friends and a social network. To move have never been an option, but we will if our health weakens and denies us to keep the house and the garden in shape.  

To claim that the strongest man is he who stands alone, is idiotic. To be united and together, is strong.

I turned away from not being married to being married, because of Mette. Apart from that, I've been going on with the same things all my grown up life.

For the performances at the theatre I am taking the very convenient tubeline number 5 from Stovner.