An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Tone Christine Klüwer
Age: 40 years
District: St. Hanshaugen
Nationality: Norwegian
I live together with my husband Ole Wilhelm Klüwer and 4 cats.

Last year I studied journalism, and this autumn, for the first time in my life, I take things as they come without a certain plan. 

I belong to the group of married, the flower lovers, the cameleons, the perfectionists, the hostesses, the personal ones, those who speak openly to a certain point , those who love cooking for others, the social ones, the persistent, those who never gave up on love, those who are not able to have their own kids, the engaged, the loyal ones, the culturally christians, those who enjoy life, the caring ones and the shy exhibitionists, but I do not belong to the lazy ones, those who speaks along, the protesters, the activists, the disposable-grillers or the camping-tourists.

I escaped to Oslo when I was 16, after winning a Madonna- look-a -like contest in Hamar, which gave me a small celebrity-status. In Oslo I went to a Bible school and worked with junkies. I liked the city and therefore I decided to move back here later. What I like the most here, is the ability to have friends from different groups.

An Enemy of the People interests me. I wrote about Ibsen at school and find it fascinating that one can see parallels from his plays today. "The strongest man is him who stands alone" is a sad statement. The one who stands alone are often right, but what kind of joy does it give? I think that Tomas Stockmann was right, but he shouldn’t state it in that way! He would benefit from a pr- agent! I also get irritated with Hovstad, if he had played his cards better, he would have won Petra.

This spring two of my friends passed away and it became a turning point for me. I had had a rather indifferent approach to life for a while and felt a lack of meaning in everything. In one of the funerals I thought I had to start appreciating my life, and being grateful for the virtuous chance to live. I decided to start focusing on the good things.

I am walking through Slottsparken to the theatre.