An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Karen Steinfeld

Age: 30
Area: Frogner

Nationality: Norwegian
I live in a flat high above the chestnut trees in Bygdøy Allé, together with Pontus, my husband.

I am a consultant and culture builder at the IT-company Evry ASA who runs some of our countries IT-based infrastructure; the infrastructure you don't see. 

I belong to the Sunday walkers, the city users, the curious ones, the relation builders, life enjoyers, door openers, conformity challengers, community fighters, family loyalists and urban-diversity-lovers, but I do not belong to the forest hikers, routine people, the bombastic or the ignorants.

I live in Oslo, because my family lives here. Oslo has many different "vibes" according to the different neighborhoods, and everything is within reach. You always meet people in the street that you know, and Oslo is a bit like; "the neighbour sees you", but in a good way. You can be seen if you want, or withdraw if you prefer. If Oslo was a song, it would be "Når Kastanjene Blomstrer i Bygdøy Allé" and "Hovedøen". Oslo is a bit retro.

To say that the strongest man in the world is he who stands alone, I think is sad. You're never stronger than the ones around you.

A turningpoint for me was when I met the man that became my husband. I was raised to become independent, so when I met my man I warned him that I would always stand with one foot outside the door. But when the relationship developed, I realized that to fully enjoy the beauty of love, I realized that I needed to show my own vulnerability and now I stand with both feet on the inside of the door, in the relationship with him.

For the performances at the theatre I am riding my electrified bicycle from Bygdøy Allé down to Spikersuppa.