An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Mahsa Mansoori Tehrani
Age. 22 years
District: Grünerløkka
Nationality: Norwegian-Iranian
I live with my boyfriend and my mother in my boyfriend’s flat. But we are looking to find a flat together.

I work in the old parts of Oslo, in a grocery shop. I also have responsibilities as to locking up the shop, and making sure the counting of registers is ok, when my boss leaves for the day. 

I belong to the refugees, the immigrants, the asylum seekers, the girlfriends, the Iranians, the independent, the hospitable and the ones that work out a lot, but I do not belong to the coffee drinkers, the boozers or the cooks.

I live in Oslo because I work here. I have my friends here. And also I feel I was fed up moving around. I definitively have moved around enough for now. But I am not sure if I will remain in the country in ten years. I’d rather move to Canada or USA. Maybe its just because I want to experience another environment? In Norway I have experienced a lot of distress. I have heard from friends that the US is not so good, but I rather want to see it for myself. I don’t like Oslo that much, you know with all the rapes and all. And now, when we live in Brugata, we are awakened every night by gypsies fighting and such. It is not nice to see those things in Oslo. I would prefer to live in the west of Oslo if I could. I am not racist, you know, but we, the immigrants, who destroy it for ourselves. It is we that do crimes. On the other side of town for instance at Bygdøy, where there is only Norwegians living, we go there every now and then, and you know there you’d feel safer. If I had a house there it would be royal! But if I have to go home at two in the morning to Furuset, I just wouldn’t feel safe. What I think is the best thing about Oslo? I’d say, that you have everything accessible here. Everything you want of food, and it’s easier to leave to other countries from here.

I totally agree about the saying “the strongest man is the one standing the most alone”. I have been standing on my own two feet since I was fourteen! First job I got was a newspaper saleswoman on Sundays. After that I worked as a personal assistant with disabled girl. It was difficult, but I understood that I had to work. I understood that I could not lean on my mother all the time. I have worked hard but I don't feel alone now: I have my boyfriend. He is very sweet, and he understands me. I don’t feel alone when I am with him.

For the performances I will walk if If I have the time. Or else I will take the bus.