An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Elena Rugsveen
Age: 51
District: Alna
Nationality: Norwegian-russian
I live together with my husband Arild, and my son Mattias in a semi-detached house.

I am working at the payroll department at Flyktninge-hjelpen. 

I belong to the ones interested in culture, the ones who like to eat food more than making it, the efficient ones, the reluctant ones, the sceptical ones, the part-time students, the ones who understand the importance of education, the mothers, the ones who stand on ski and fall and the reflected ones but I do not belong to the lazy ones, the ones interested in gardening or the ones into government politics.

I live in Oslo because I met Arild and got married to him. It took a while to adapt – I moved from a big city, Moscow, and we had so many choices there. I felt a bit locked in, and realized that I missed city life. Sometimes I still miss it. When walking in Oslo I always have the feeling that I end up coming back to the same spot, but with Moscow it was different – you could always find new places to discover. It took some time to get used to the everyday life of Oslo. It’s calmer here, more of a routine. But I find the nature around me here very nice. I think I will live in Oslo also in 10 years’ time. It’s more temperament in Russia – more spontaneity. But the bureaucracy in Russia is much more difficult than in Oslo.

I totally agree with the saying “the strongest man in the world is the one standing the most alone”. Absolutely.

I had to learn everything anew when I moved from Moscow to Oslo, I moved because I did not want to grow old there.

For the performance I would take the subway from Haugerud to Nationaltheatret.