An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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this photo by Andrea Miranda Sand Bruer
was shared at Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Norge

Name: Børge Andre Roum
Age: 28
District: Nordre Aker
Nationality: Norwegian
I live in some sort of collective with four people.

I work at the University in Oslo, Green UiO. It is a department at the university that works with making the university more environmentally sustainable .

I belong to the freegans, the sceptics, the environmentalists, the ones who want to be just, the ones who want to be intellectual, the atheists, the pirates, the technological optimists and other than that perhaps the pessimists but I do not belong to the capitalists, the fashionistas, the gourmets, the status conscious, the overly optimists or the extreme right.

I live in Oslo because I wanted to study here. I only applied in the biggest cities of Norway, because I only wanted to live in one of the bigger cities.

I do remember the saying “the strongest is the one the most alone”, but I am not sure how to interpret it. It is very strong; It can mean that if you are strong, you’ll end up standing alone. But is it true? I am not sure. For Stockmann, it probably feels true. But he can also refer to the fact that if you are alone, you will be strong. You can end up strong, as a result of being alone. But it can break you as well. That might be one more reason why people end up killing themselves in richer countries.

I turned away from being a dedicated and active Christian, into being an atheist. It was a decision consisting of many factors. Firstly I read the Old Testament more thoroughly. And I thought about what actually was written there. How God is described. And I connected that with all the terrible things that is happening in the world. I have always been very concerned with, and conscious about how cruel the world is. Why is it that we are created to experience traumas? You can rationalize about how bad humans are - but how can you rationalize why humans are so weak against evil- against wanting to perpetrate it and against experiencing it?  

For the performance I would take the subway to the theatre.