An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Johan Nicolai Bergesen Troye
Age: 13
District: Vestre Aker
Nationality: Norwegian
I live with my father Pål, mother Rachel, big brother Carl August, my dog Fia and our au-pair Christine.

I am a pupil. 

I belong to the footballers, the ski-jumpers, the guitarists, the care-givers, the vain, the fashion experts, the jokers and the small but I do not belong to the plant lovers, the ones that go against the mainstream fashion wise, the egoists, the punks or the bullies.

I live here because my parents live here and I don’t think they would allow me to move out yet. And also I can’t afford a flat, and I would need a job. No, I am not ready to move away yet.

I have heard An Enemy of the People on audio book, and my father uses sayings from it all the time. If I say "most people says this or that", he always replies: “The compact majority is never right.” So my relationship to the play is that it is a play that my father always have liked. I think that the saying “the strongest man is the one who stands alone” is put very right. Many of the Nobel Peace Price winners have been alone, but still fought for peace. You won’t become the worlds strongest by fighting everyone, but you will get stronger by it.

I have turned from seeing school as a social playground to a place where I need to go to learn things and concentrate. But I haven’t fully completed my turn. It is an ongoing process.

If I was to go by myself to the theatre I would probably go by the tube, and if we have the time we would do so as a family too, but most of the time we go by car.