An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Rachel Troye
Age: 50
District: Vestre Aker
Nationality: Norwegian
I live with my husband Pål and my two sons Carl and Johan Nic. And our dog.

I work at AHO (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design) where I am the leader of the Institute for Design. 

I belong to the rootless, the sensitive, the patient ones, the vulnerable ones, the strong ones, the ones concerned with quality, the visual ones, the ones who listens and the forest walkers, but I do not belong to the unconscious, the vulgar, the lazy or the disinterested.

I lived for many years in America, and I have a different relationship with Oslo because I haven’t live here for so many years. I have an idealized view on Oslo, and I like it here. I thrive in my working environment, and I like the contrasts that Oslo can offer.

I never read Ibsen in school, but I have been presented for the ‘compact majority’ – I do not give acceptance to the masses who stand against the individual – it is important to listen to the single human being. To me “the strongest man is the one standing most alone” means you will just stand there alone. You can’t have influence if you are not able to get people to come with you.

I have gone from developing design as an economical growth for others to seeing design as something that could potentially solve problems and improve the world.

For the performance I would use the tube from Vinderen.