An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Bård Brenden
Age: 16
District: Vestre Aker
Nationality: Norwegian
I live together with my mother Linda and my father Jo, my brother Eirik and the cat Licorice.

I am a pupil at the science department at Hartvig Nissen gymnasium. 

I belong to the ones not belonging to any group, the ones looking at people as individuals, the computer interested, the music fans, the ones with a critical community voice, the ones writing their own raps and the cat lovers but I do not belong to the football fans.

I live in Oslo because I was born here. We have the Holmenkollen ski jump where the fog always appears during ski jumping competitions. Most of Oslo is wilderness, and for me it is not a long way into this wilderness. The air where I live is not polluted. Maybe I live here in 10 years – time will show. Bjørvika and the new city is great.

I have never read An Enemy of the People, but I believe that Ibsen was a libertarian. The quote “the strongest is the one standing the most alone” makes me think about the ones in power. I choose to quote Gerold Selenti: “A government and a diaper needs to be changed once in a while. Both for the same reasons.”

I used to support the Labour Party and the leftists, but I have moved in a right wing direction and towards  libertarianism. By studying historical examples from for example United States in the 19th century, I have seen that the true form of capitalism understood through Adam Price can be a good model for society. The Green Party is in my opinion the best political model in Norway. 

For the performance I will take the tube from Holmen to the theatre.