An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Àsthor Gripsrud
Age: 19
District: Ullern
Nationality: Norwegian
I live with my mother and father and an older sister who is moving out soon.

I am a student at Oslo Katedralskole. 

I belong to the men, the outdoor people, the anti materialists, the berry pickers, the mushroom pickers, the sport fishers, the future farmers, the ones being born in the wrong body, the string musicians, the rhythm lovers, the poem readers and the tee totallers but I do not belong to the women, the urbane, the academics, the FaceBook-people or the beer drinkers.

I'll definitely be living outside of Oslo, in a smaller community. I have often asked myself why I live in Oslo. Maybe I live in Iceland in a few a years time – I am attracted to this country.

I have read An Enemy of the People, and I find the message really appealing. I live by Tomas Stockmann’s quote, and I feel I see through the society the way he does. He wants to change it, whereas I on the other hand just want to run away from it all, and try to sustain as best as I can. I want to unite the best from the older days with our modern values and attitudes. Like for example; preserving our national language and culture and establish more possibilities for old fashioned physical work. I think a lot of today’s depressions are partially caused by the lack of physical work and activity. 

I am going through a profound change in my life right now: I am turning away from being a woman to becoming a man, because I am a man. 

I am bicycling to the performances.