An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Anne Ma Strand
Age: 44
District: Gamle Oslo

Nationality: Norwegian
I live alone in an apartment.

I work as a psychiatric nurse in the home-care service at Sinsen.

I belong to the sports lovers, the Haugesund supporters, the skiers, the urbane, the social ones and the independent but I do not belong to the ski-fanatics, the immigration opponents, the conservatives, the champagne-people or the ones addicted to training.

I live here because Oslo has got the urban feel that Haugesund, my hometown, lacks. Nothing is linear when it comes to buildings or the shape of trees, and I like the tagged walls. I like the fact that everything is a bit bent, queer and funny. I see something new every day. And the public transport is fantastic; so much better than Stockholm. Oslo is a segregated city, alas. I don't like the west side; I don't feel safe there. Therefore I live at Grønland, on the east end. I don't like that clubs and bars are segregated between gays, lesbian, straight and so on. Why can't we just be together?

I agree with the quote that “the strongest man is he who stands the most alone” if a strong person is a person with power all alone at the top. What is strength, anyway?

In high-school I was insecure about my sexual orientation, and wanted to get along with everyone. At the school election, I therefore voted FRP, like everybody else. But as I dropped my vote into the slot, I started thinking seriously. From that moment I turned away from following the majority, and started to take a stand in politics and to think about the consequences of my vote, and to stand for my choices and think for myself. 

I am walking to the performances at Nationaltheatret.