An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Ole Wilhelm Klüwer
Age: 66
District: St. Hanshaugen
Nationality: Norwegian
I live with wife Tone and 4 cats.

I am a teacher at high-school and Bjørknes private gymnasium. 

I belong to the teachers, the classical music-lovers, the Catholics, the plant lovers, the politically incorrect ones, the Marka-bikers, the skiing people and the people of traditional taste and feelings, but I do not belong to the academics, the pseudo-Zionists like Norwegian Christians, the Beatles fans, the correct Nazi haters or the people feeling they are good enough to conquer the world and destroying the old cultures – all in the name of One Humanism.

Oslo is situated in beautiful surroundings. When you see the hills from Ekeberg –Munchs view – it’s beautiful. The boats who make sounds from the harbor is my soundtrack of Oslo. But it’s horrible how the new is making it’s presence – like the barcode buildings. So banal. Originally I lived in Koppang at a big farm, but the politically correct stole our farm after the war. My father became a catholic in prison, and that is why we moved to Oslo, because here we could get shelter in a catholic convent. I think I am content in Oslo, I have wrestled my way through life here since I was 8 years. I have had my enemies, and it is from those you learn.

The quote ”The strongest man is the one standing the most alone” was true before, but not anymore. Not in these mediated times. There are very few people standing completely on their own now.

It’s been a long process to find out how to work for the descendants of the Nazis. I have to accept different opinions. The compact majority has always tried to keep me quiet, but my main focus has been to keep my good spirit. And I have come to understand that nobody wants to be the compact majority – it is not easy to be minority, but it is not easy to be an individual in a compact majority either.

On my way to the performance I would walk down Bogstadveien and through Slottsparken.