An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Andrew Clayton Fritsch
Age: 34
District: Nordre Aker
Nationality: USA
I live in a private apartment together with John, my partner.

I am a Chinese medic and specialist, working with acupuncture and massage.

I belong to the mainstream alternatives, the flower-lovers, the garden workers, the nature experience-junkies, the ecological food-fanatics, the skiers, the being-present-in-the-moment-people, the yogis, the ex-environmental activists and the balance-seeking ones but I do not belong to the sports lovers, the competitive, the welfare exploiters, black&white-thinkers or the instantbox-barbequers.

The real reason I live in Oslo, is that it was my hometown in my former life. I was poor, and I emigrated to the US to get a better life, but I did not succeed. In my present life, I was born in Milwaukee. This is where they manufacture Harley Davidson motorbikes. In USA, my family, by accident, gave home to an exchange student from a family at Jar in Oslo. The next summer I joined my new "brother" to Norway and Oslo, for a visit, and I instantly fell in love with Norway and decided to move back "home".  I like it here, and will keep on living here. I learned Norwegian at the University in USA, and I regularly visited my Norwegian family at Jar in Oslo the following years. I consider them my second family. They took me summer skiing at Galdøpiggen, fishing mountain trout, capturing crabs on the fjord in the summer, food, parties and other diverse experiences. It was like living in a dream.Oslo offers more opportunities than the US these days. Many wealthy inhabitants are open to alternative treatment, and therefore I've been able to develop a considerable practice.

I read a synopsis of An Enemy Of The People. To claim that the strongest man is he who stands alone, is a deep misunderstanding - an illusion that among other things runs a lot of the American culture. We are not separate. We are all one.

I turned away from thinking that everybody must buy ecological food, to realizing that some people actually must shop at WalMart because they can’t afford anything else, after having seen the theatre adaption of "Nickel & Dimed" based upon Barbara Ehenreich's book.

Getting to the performances at the National Theatre, I am riding my bicycle.