An Enemy of the People in Oslo

by Rimini Protokoll



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Name: Zenab Mahmood
Age: 25
District: Grünerløkka
Nationality: Norwegian with parents from Pakistan
I live with my husband in a flat.

I am a teacher at secondary school, 9th grade, and I am also doing an MA in society-development and management. 

I belong to the determined, the hardworking, the well-off, the people lovers, the harmony seeking and the tidy ones but I do not belong to the pompous ones, the lazy ones, the energy-stealers, the negative, the problem-oriented, the black&white thinkers or the prejudiced.

I am born in Oslo, and a proud citizen of Oslo. I just love to wander around in the streets of Oslo, go to cafe’s and look at the people, the beautiful building and parks. 

I had an exam about Ibsen, so I think I remember something about An Enemy of the People, but the teacher mostly concentrated on the female characters in Ibsen’s plays. I am raised in a family-orientated culture, but as my father is my inspiration and role-model, I would have to say that the individual CAN be the one with the truth. I have always supported my father and he always supported me. Still you can’t ruthlessly claim you are right. 

A change in my life came when I started high-school. I met lot of new people and got more broad-minded; I began to think of my identity and how people are being formed when culture, people and impressions from other affects the innerself. I understood that I could represent and be Norwegian although I had grandparents from Pakistan. Today I am a Norwegian, it doesn’t matter what people say. 

If my husband joins me I will drive to the theatre – if not I will walk.